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Welcome to S & R Treasure Chest

Hello and thank you or visiting my website. This place is special to me because I am excited about my online Christian website.

I am disabled due to cancer and chemo so I cannot work as a Nurse in the ICU anymore because the chemo messed with my brain. So I am trying a new way to make a living. You can browse through my website and look at all the cool things that I have from Bethlehem. I collect crosses and have many of them. I feel a cross protects me from harm. They are in my house all over the place. I have a love for the Christian products. To me they are very special. I hope you feel the same way.

Please have a look around and hopefully you will find something that you love. Thanks for shopping with me and please bookmark this website and come back often as I am always adding new things to my website.

Have a great blessed day.
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